Khimaira: THE fantasy and science-fiction movie magazine ! Interviews and mind blowing articles about Fantasy and Science Fiction!

Khimaira, the ultimate sci fi magazine that counts 100 richly illustrated pages, is the ultimate magazine for those fascinated by Fantasy and Science Fiction, whether it is in literature, comic books, film, music or games.

You will find interviews in it with celebrities like Farland, Pratchett, Arleston, Masterton, John Howe, Robin Hobb, Epica, Ange, Siudmak, Curval, Mike Mignola, Within Temptation, Hideo Nakata, Ayerdhal, Van Hamme, Poppy Z. Brite… as well as avant premières and numerous previously unreleased material.

Every publication includes a dossier in which a specific theme is being analysed to the detail (Vampires, Sorcerers, Space Opera, Dragons,…). And let’s not forget about the short stories of French speaking authors such as Roland C. Wagner, Léa Silhol, Thomas Day, etc. and English speaking authors such as Resnik, Tem and many others.

And there’s always dozens of critical writings on books, music, comic books, manga, games, DVD…

Khimaira :

• a UNIQUE magazine in its sort
• largely distributed (France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Swiss, Canada…)
• all the news on SF and fantasy
• a world of FANTASTIC images and words !